Industries Served

Industrial Warehousing & Packaging

The ETR serves companies such as Morterm Limited and the Van De Hogen Group who are focused on industrial warehousing and handling for third party customers with cargo arriving (or departing) on vessel, rail and truck.

trackmobile 002


Our railroad handles grain, food-grade oils, raw inputs and finished goods for a variety of local customers including ADM, Dainty Rice, Hiram Walker and Diageo.

ADM line up

Lumber Transfer

The ETR supports local companies such as Border Reload and the Van De Hogen Group who specialize in receiving structural materials such as lumber, brick and metals for distribution in smaller lots to area businesses and manufacturers, including for delivery into the US markets.


Metal Recycling

Local companies like Zalev Brothers,  K-Scrap and Bello Metals who are focused on recycling of metals from area manufacturers rely on the ETR to deliver their goods to North American markets for processing and consumption.

scrap metal rail car

Wind / Renewable Energy

The ETR is skilled and experienced in handling large wind turbine components. Towers, blades, nacelles and hubs are loaded in and out of Morterm Limited. The ETR works with the Class 1 Railroads to ensure the freight and rail cars are safe and secure for transport prior to departing.

GE Tower Train Outbound March 14, 2015 003

Switching Services

The ETR interchanges with the CN, CP and CSX allowing our customers to access any point in the North American rail network for their freight, both inbound and outbound.  In-plant services are available to customers located on the ETR rail line.  Companies requiring rail car storage should know that the ETR can store up to 150 rail cars of any type or commodity.