Rail Services


In-Plant Rail Car Switching

Reduce shipping costs, improve safety and increase efficiency and plant capacity with ETR. We handle the movement of railcars within your plant. We use our own locomotives and employees to provide a turn-key service package (that includes supervision, personnel, equipment, insurance and administration) necessary to meet your requirements.

How can ETR help?

Working together with you, we will¬†review your plant’s rail operation, and develop an individualized rail switching plan to increase plant efficiencies.

Why do you need ETR?

Your company is a busy plant environment with trucks and rail cars clogging your production process. You’d like to increase carload shipments, but you can’t efficiently move rail cars through your operation. Your focus is building your product and should remain that way.

What’s the benefit to you?

  1. Reduces cost – we can help you to decrease switching and demurrage fees as well as improve rail car fleet utilization due to decreased cycle time.
  2. Improves safety – specific rail operation and safety training is necessary to ensure safe operation of equipment and fleet as well as reduces car handling and associated damage.
  3. Increase plant efficiency and capacity – improve the use of track space and awareness of plant track conditions
  4. Improves operating efficiencies and carload volume for the railroad
  5. Reduces railroad crew time, equipment and fuel expenses

Switching to/from interchange connections with other rail carriers

The ETR provides switching services for pick-up and delivery of railcars between your facility and interchange locations where we provide connection to another rail carrier. The ETR has direct connections to CN, CP and CSX – meaning that your freight can reach any point in the rail networks of Canada, the United States and Mexico.